principal message

Rawal International School believes “Child is the seed in the garden of environment .” Hence, the school truly serves as a light house beaconing to the rising generation of human being for health and vigour, for strength and determination, for zeal and zest; for efficiency and adjustment, for beauty and character, for pose and personality, and above all for wisdom through knowledge.

We, at Rawal International School, are committed to provide world class educational environment which grooms the students for an all round development and preparedness for the existing global life with a strong sense of responsibility and ethics.

We try to keep the arena of the school ever lively with innumerable co-curricular activities like sports events, competitions, exhibitions, celebrations of the games, different national and international events and festivals, career counselling workshops, and health checkups throughout the academic session to set up a congenial environment enabling the learners to develop their personalities all round in complete discipline.

We know that being parent is the greatest blessing of life and seeing your child grow, learn and become a complete individual is a greater blessing for us.

C. V. Singh

"Life survives on change, never avoid them rather accept every change as a challange. Either it will give you success or it will teach you how to succeed. "