The teachers, in consonance, with the philosophy of the Institution, teach students to look within for realizing their own potential to the fullest and to look beyond. Each one of our teachers belives that there is no limit to one's growth as a teacher, just as there is no estimate beforehand how much your students can learn.

"A teacher affects eternity... he can never tell where his influence stops."

Henry Brooks Adams

Vice Principal

The place where buds blossom into flower

they’re looked after with lots of love and care

groom all the qualities without any fear

never let anyone to pour any tear.

As we are in the era of great dreams and aspirations. I stress on quality education. Our children’s aspirations are our mission; their joy, our ecstasy; their excitement our adventure; their growing well with mind heart and body our highest reward. When we talk about growth in education, it means when we are teaching and their imbibing of the knowledge is so well that they succeed and evolve into responsible citizens of the motherland. A good and meaningful education endow them with a unique glow on their face- a glow of self confidence, deep contentment and a passion to do something of worth for the nation. This is for what we at “Rawal” schools stand for.

So, dear children – Always believe in your strength. Be optimistic and develop a strong will power to achieve ever increasing heights. Obey your parents, teachers and elders. Get their blessings which enable you to imbibe good manners and strong character.

Sr. No. Teacher Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Charitra Vir Singh Principal M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D, MBA, M.Phil
2 Mr.Vijay Taneja PGT/ VP PGDCA, B.Tech
3 Dr. Uday Shankar Upadhyay PGT/ HM MA(Hist), PHD, B.Ed
4 Ms Gauri Arora PGT/HM M.Com,B.Com, B.Ed,NTT
5 Mr. Rajeev Gupta PGT M.Sc,B.Ed
6 Mrs. Deepa Taneja PGT MSc B.Ed
7 Mr. Nafees Ahmad PGT M.Sc, B.Ed
8 Mr. Deepak Vashishta PGT M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed, PGDCA, MBA
9 Mr. Yogdutt Sharma PGT MA(Maths), B.Ed
10 Mr. Roopchand Sharma PGT B.A, B.Ed
11 Ms. Anju Mehta PGT M.Com, B.Ed
12 Mr. Gulshan Kumar Hans PGT M.Com, M.Phil, B.Ed
13 Mr. Prem Shankar Saraswat PGT M.A.,M.PEd
14 Ms. Monika Gupta PGT M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
15 Mr. Manpal Singh PGT M.Sc, B.Ed
16 Ms. Barkha Singh PGT M.Com,MBA,B.Ed
17 Ms. Amarjeet PGT B.Sc, B.Ed., M.A(Eng) M.A (Eco), M.B.A
18 Ms. Shweta Sharma PGT PGDBO, B.Ed, B.A (Maths Hons.)
19 Mr.Ravish Kumar Mishra PGT MSc Physics, B.ed
20 Mr. Puneet Kumar PGT B.E (Comp. Sc)
21 Mr. Navneet Sharma PGT M.A (Eng), B.A
22 Mr. Naresh Kumar PGT M.A (Phy. Edu) , D.y.ed
23 Ms. Dimple Sharma PGT M.Com, B.Ed
24 Ms.Monika Dudeja PGT M.Sc, B.Ed, P.hd
25 Ms. Vijay Luxmi Aggarwal PGT M.A, B.Ed
26 Ms.Sangita Ghai PGT M.A., M.Phil, B.ed
27 Mr. Rohtash Singh PGT M.P.ed, NIS
28 Mr. G.S.Rawat TGT M.A/(Eng), B.Ed, M.Phill ENG
29 Mr. Gaurav Gupta TGT B.Sc, B.ED, M.A (Maths)
30 Mr. H.S.Yadav TGT B.A. B.PEd
31 Ms. Sangita Dwivedi TGT M.A, B.Ed
32 Ms. Poonam TGT M.A, M.ED
33 Ms. Soni Singh TGT B.Com, M.C.M, B.Ed
34 Ms. Anita Bhati TGT M.A, B.Ed
35 Ms. Khushboo Bajaj TGT B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc.
36 Ms. Shivani TGT B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed
37 Ms. Laxmi Rawat TGT M.A, B.Ed
38 Ms. Sangeeta Chandra TGT MA,B.Ed
39 Ms. Jyoti Mor TGT B.Tech, M. Tech
40 Ms. Shashi Sharma TGT M.A, B.ed
41 Ms. Nidhi Bakshi TGT MSC, B.Ed
42 Ms. Shalu Gera TGT M.Com. B.Ed
43 Ms. Neha Kapur TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
44 Ms. Aarti Grover TGT M.Sc , B.Ed
45 Mr. Sunil Kumar TGT M.A., B.Ed
46 Mr. Sunil Arora TGT Msc.B.Ed
47 Ms. Kamini Punjani TGT M.C.A
48 Mr. Arun Rawat TGT B.Sc. ,B.Ed
49 Ms.Shivani Dhyani TGT M.A, B.Ed
50 Ms.Sangeeta Rani TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
51 Ms.Rakhi Bala TGT M.A., B.Ed
52 Ms. Shilpi Goyal TGT MCA, B.Ed
53 Ms.Madhu TGT MCA, M.Tech
54 Ms. Ritu TGT M.A., B.ED
55 Ms. Nisha Chitkara TGT M.Com, B.ed
56 Ms. Neetu Sharma TGT M.A.B.ED
57 Ms. Manisha Malyal TGT M.Sc., M.Tech
58 Ms. Yogita Singh TGT M.Tech, B.Ed
59 Ms. Uma Sharma TGT M.A, B.Ed
60 Mr. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary TGT B.A, B.Ped
61 Mr. Manoj Kumar TGT M.A. B.Ed
62 Ms. Anjali Dwivedi TGT B.A, B.Ed
63 Ms. Darshana Bhalla TGT M.Com, B.Ed
64 Ms. Usha Rani TGT M.A, M.ED
65 Ms. Rajni TGT M.A, M.ED
66 Mr. Umesh Kumar TGT M.sc., B.ed
67 Ms. Lata Saxena PRT B.A., B. ED
68 Ms. Bharti Kalra PRT M.Com, B.Ed
69 Ms. Priti Kakkar PRT M.Com, NTT, ECCE, B.Ed
70 Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur PRT M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed
71 Ms. Ritu PRT M.A, PTT ECCE
72 Ms. Rajni Rani PRT B.Sc, B.Ed
73 Ms. Neena Thakur PRT B.A., B.Ed
74 Ms. Shilpa Rani PRT M.A., BEd
75 Ms.Rajnish Ahuja PRT B.A., NTT, Fine Arts, ECCE, Art & Craft
76 Ms Asha Thukral PRT B.A.B.Ed
77 Ms. Kirti PRT M.A., NTT,B.Ed
78 Ms. Ronika Sirohi PRT M. Tech , B.Tech
79 Ms. Sonia PRT MA, B.Ed
80 Ms. Shilpa Bhayana PRT NTT, B.A, B.Ed
81 Ms. Manu Padam PRT BSE, ECC, B.Ed, Pursuing M.A
82 Ms. Ekta Singh PRT M.Com , B.Ed
83 Ms.Nisha Sharma PRT B.A, B,PED
84 Ms. Seema Dagar PRT B.COM. B.Ed
85 Ms. Mamta Ahuja PRT M.A. B.Ed.
86 Ms. Khushboo PRT B.Com, NTT, B.Ed
87 Ms. Harminder Kaur PRT B.A, B.Ed
88 Ms .Rachna Sharma PRT B.Com, B.Ed
89 Ms. Monika Dalal PRT B.Com, B.Ed, M.A(Eng),M.B.A
90 Ms. Hina Sabaharwal PRT M.A, B.Ed
91 Ms. Udita Mukhija PRT MBA, B.ed
92 Ms. Sneha Prasad PRT M.A.B.ed
93 Ms. Ritu Khullar PRT B.Sc. ,B.Ed
94 Ms.Priti Gupta PRT M.A., M.ED
95 Ms. Deepa Sharma PRT M.A., B.ed
96 Ms.Seema Bhaduria PRT B.Com, B.ed
97 Ms. Richa Malik PRT B.A., B.Ed
98 Ms. Amandeep Kaur PRT B.com, B.ed
99 Ms. Rashmi Gupta PRT BBA, B.ed
100 Ms. Nisha Rani PRT M.A. B.Ed
101 Ms. Alpana Sharma PRT M.Com, M.A. B.ed
102 Ms. Nisha Chahal PRT MCA
103 Ms. Meenakshi Kharbanda NTT B.Com , M.A. , NTT , PTT
104 Ms.Sita Kaushik NTT NTT, Graduate
105 Ms. Manvi Chauhan NTT NTT, MBA
106 Mr. Dinesh Singh PET BPE
107 Mr. Inderjeet PET M.A. , B.P.E
108 Mrs. Archana Pandey Admin M.Com
109 Ms.Kavita Taneja Admin MBA,B.COM
110 Ms. Bhawna Narang Admin M.Com
111 Mr.Dheeraj Singh Chaudhary Estate Officer Diploma in Civil
112 Mr. Kailash Chandra Kuniyal Nursing B .A, Diploma (Phy. Edu), UPTI (Army)
113 Ms. Mithlesh Jha LIB B.Com, NPTT