swifter, higher, stronger

Games and sports are indispensable parts of good education. The strong tradition of excellence in Rawal International academic programme carries over to the playing fields, where RIS teams are league contenders, and often champions, year after year. The collaboration and co­operation demanded by teams sports and the growth and development which they hield are forged together in such a way that the sports talents could easily excel vis­a­vis other competitiors, Hence, the sports programmes strive to develop every student's physical capabilities and qualities such as courage, confidence, selfdiscipline and sportsmanship.

A RIS, there are teams for all ages and abilities. The programme caters to highly experienced atheletes, as well as to novice players. At all levels, RIS coaches, most of whom are full­time faculty members, are committed to teach the necessary skills for team improvement as well as individual performance. Students are encouraged to chose from the following sports: Athletics, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Horse, Riding, Cricket, Foot­ball, Basket­ball, Volley­ball, Throw­ball, Badminton, table­tennis, chess Kabaddi, Judo­Karate etc.

Periodical interaction is arranged with World­Class achievers and sports personals so that the students are benefitted with the experience of these sportsmen.